October 8, 2020 For Immediate Release

Vital Care, Inc. and Vital Starts Introduce Vital Care U: Affordable. Reliable. Connected.

Meridian, MS, October 8, 2020 -- Calling all pharmacists, investors, aspiring franchisees, and entrepreneurs! Vital Care, Inc.(vitalcareinc.com) is introducing Vital Care U, a program to allow aspiring franchisees affordable, reliable avenues to start their own businesses by connecting them with the nation’s top medical professionals and investors. Vital Care seeks pharmacists, sales representatives, and business personnel who embody our core values and who radiate our entrepreneurial spirit. If you are what author Patrick Lencioni calls “humble, hungry, and smart” (The Ideal Team Player), Vital Care U is your opportunity to franchise with an advantage.

Vital Care U is a program to expand the number of Vital Care franchises by identifying promising young pharmacists and connecting them with investors who can help them open and operate new Vital Care locations across the U.S.

If you never thought owning your own franchise was possible, Vital Care U will open doors of opportunity. Our widespread network of investors is here to support you and your goals while providing essential services to your community.

Vital Care U simplifies the franchising process into three steps:


(1) Connect

Vital Care identifies a group of 10 ambitious pharmacists and entrepreneurs looking to start their own franchises. We then mentor these candidates, connecting them with our national network of investors and healthcare professionals.


(2) Establish & Grow

Vital Care provides the necessary resources for you to establish, grow, and optimize your new pharmacy franchise in your hometown. We introduce you to health care and financial professionals to facilitate the franchising process and then guide you through the planning, partnering, negotiating, contracting, and supply procurement processes.


(3) Serve

Once connected and established, you have your own franchise and you can begin serving your community’s home infusion needs. Vital Care is with you and your community every step of the way throughout the establishment and operation of your franchise.

Alan Spies, RPh, JD, MBA, PhD, PCC, and CEO of Summit Partner Services, is our hired consultant facilitating the Vital Care U program by identifying and leading each class of young pharmacists. “There is a lot of untapped potential in the world of young pharmacists,” Spies says. “My goal is to identify that potential and expedite its achievement. Vital Care U is designed to do just that, putting real talent into the communities that really need it with the rare combination of speed and quality.”

Vital Care continues to grow our franchise industry. We continue to have record months throughout the pandemic, and we will continue to flourish with the incredible talent coming out of Vital Care U.

The goals of Vital Care U align with Vital Care’s Vital 500 initiative to achieve a sales revenue of $500 million by the end of 2024. To accomplish this, Vital Care aims to open 30 new franchises across the country by 2024. With the new Vital Care U program, your franchise could be one of them.

Vital Care U has all potential franchisees’ interests at heart. Vital Care always strives to set up our clients for success because we know that we only win when our franchisees win. With over 30 years of experience honing our franchise system, we can assure you that Vital Care U will help you launch and thrive in the home infusion pharmacy industry.

Logan Davis, Pharm D, MBA, Director of Franchise Development, reaffirms this support: “Vital Care U will guide candidates through all processes of franchise sales and recruitment. This is the act of recruiting new franchise partners to the Vital Care family. Vital Care U will help bring those new franchise partners into the Vital Care network. This step is so important because who we partner with is really who we are at Vital Care, and the Vital Care U program will ensure we partner with people who reflect our own values and business spirit.”

Exceed your own expectations and join the Vital Care, Inc. family for your business, your community, and yourself. Our broad professional network lets you franchise with confidence. For more information, listen to our podcast at Vital Care Home Infusion Podcast entitled “Growing the Next Generation of Home Infusion Leaders”.

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