June 3, 2020 For Immediate Release

Vital Care Home Infusion Pharmacy Now Serving Tupelo and Surrounding Areas to Meet Growing Demand for Critical Healthcare Services

Tupelo, MS, June 3, 2020 -- North Mississippi Vital Care Home Infusion Services helps patients who need IV infusion or other medical services that can be provided in the home or in an infusion room. This means patients can transition away from hospitals and doctors’ offices to reduce the burden in these unprecedented times of COVID-19. North Mississippi Vital Care, part of the growing family of Vital Care home infusion franchise locations, spans across northeast Mississippi to help patients heal at home.

“We are joining the Vital Care franchise family at a pivotal time. Our home infusion services better serve patients at home, providing safety to them and relief to our hospitals. Patients, doctors, and insurance companies alike advocate for the benefits of home infusion services during such times of crisis,” said Dr. Leah Simmons, owner of North Mississippi Vital Care in Tupelo. “Vital Care helps us with their clinical and administrative experts in healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and insurance. Vital Care provides loads of advice, and also they help us acquire drugs and supplies, and they handle all the billing for the patients. Home infusion is a complex business, and Vital Care helps us to navigate it safely, responsibly, and effectively.”

North Mississippi Vital Care is a pharmacy-based patient care organization with expertise in sterile drug compounding that provides care to patients with acute or chronic conditions generally pertaining to parenteral administration of drugs, biologics, and nutritional mixes administered through catheters and/or needles. North Mississippi Vital Care provides comprehensive professional pharmacy services, care coordination, infusion nursing services, supplies, and equipment.

Primary treatments include parenteral and enteral nutrition, anti-infective therapy, hydration, inotropic therapy, immunotherapy, pain management, hemophilia services, and specialty intravenous medications.

Ed Eiland, CEO of Vital Care, Inc. said,“Leah has the right attitude, demeaner, and professional experience, and she is eager to serve patients in these communities. As the age of both crisis and technology advances, all the communities across northeast Mississippi will come to rely increasingly on the North Mississippi Vital Care franchise location.”

Patients can count on North Mississippi Vital Care Home Infusion Services to be with them through the entire five-step process for receiving home infusion. This includes: 1) patient consultation; 2) insurance authorization; 3) therapy verification; 4) patient and healthcare provider support; and 5) follow-up with everyone involved.

Dr. Simmons concludes, “We provide the safest, cleanest, and best care possible when transitioning patients to their homes. We have strong relationships with healthcare professionals, and we work directly with them to make this transition for the patients as smooth as possible. At home is better and safer for the patient, and we are prepared to get them there. We are having our official ribbon-cutting on June 16th. We invite everyone to come out and learn more about us and these great services.”

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