Sep 13, 2019 For Immediate Release


Meridian, MS, Sep 13, 2019 -- Vital Care ( is excited to announce that Shelia Lee-Smith, CPhT has achieved the Hazardous Drug Designated Person (HDDP) credentials through the Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC). ACHC representatives Jon Pritchett, PharmD, RPh, Associate Director of Pharmacy and Lori DeVito, RPh, HDDP, presented Shelia with her HDDP credentials during a recent visit to Vital Care’s corporate office in Meridian, Mississippi. Shelia currently serves as the Quality Assurance and Compliance Manager for Vital Care® Home Infusion Services within the Department of Corporate Outreach. Shelia is a certified and state registered pharmacy technician, and she has more than 30 years of experience in regulatory compliance, accreditation and licensure fields. Shelia has completed training with Critical Point, LLC’s Sterile and Hazardous Compounding Boot Camp, as well as ACHC’s Infusion and Hazardous Compounding Workshops.

“It’s great that Shelia has completed this formal training through ACHC and earned the HDDP credentials. The information obtained through this certification process has helped our team in maintaining updated operating procedures utilized throughout the Vital Care network,” said Chris Newlin, Director of Corporate Outreach.

ACHC’s HDDP Certification Program is a self-paced digital curriculum that provides the knowledge necessary to effectively oversee their hazardous drug service offerings covered by USP <800>. Additional information on this certification program is available here.

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