March 30, 2020 For Immediate Release

Vital Care Home Infusion Pharmacy Now Serving New Orleans and Surrounding Areas to Meet Growing Demand for Critical Healthcare Services

Metairie, LA, March 30, 2020 -- Align Infusion, powered by Vital Care, serves patients who need IV infusion or other medical services that can be provided in the home or in an infusion room, transitioning patients away from hospitals and doctors’ offices to reduce the burden in these unprecedented times. Align Infusion, part of the growing family of Vital Care home infusion franchise locations, spans across southern Louisiana to help patients heal at home.

“Patients, doctors, and insurance companies are telling us we are coming online at a critical time to help relieve hospitals and clinics, while keeping patients safe at home,” said Dr. Darvis Harvey, Pharm. D., owner of Align Infusion.“Vital Care supports us across the board. They give us access to clinical and administrative experts in healthcare, they secure drugs and supplies from pharmaceutical companies, and they even handle all of the insurance and billing aspects of this complex business.”

Align Infusion, powered by Vital Care, is a pharmacy-based patient care organization with expertise in sterile drug compounding that provides care to patients with acute or chronic conditions generally pertaining to parenteral administration of drugs, biologics, and nutritional mixes administered through catheters and/or needles. Align Infusion provides comprehensive professional pharmacy services, care coordination, infusion nursing services, supplies, and equipment.

Primary treatments include TPN and enteral nutrition, anti-infective therapy, hydration, inotropic therapy, immunotherapy, pain management, hemophilia services, and specialty medications.

Ed Eiland, CEO of Vital Care, Inc. said, “Darvis and the whole team at the Align Infusion franchise location are going to be more and more critical to the communities in southern Louisiana. They have a bright bench of professionals ready to serve. Patients can rely on Vital Care and Align Infusion to be with them through the entire five-step process for receiving home infusion. This includes: 1) patient consultation; 2) insurance authorization; 3) therapy verification; 4) patient and healthcare provider support; and 5) follow-up with everyone involved.”

“We are there to work directly with doctors, nurses, case managers, and home health agencies to transition patients to the home setting and provide the safest, cleanest, and best care possible. We have strong ties to hospitals and clinics, so we collaborate with them to make this easy for everyone, especially the patients. We are available and we are ready,” said Dr. Harvey

About Vital Care, Inc.

Vital Care is the premier pharmacy franchise business for home infusion services. Our passion since 1986 is improving the lives of patients and healthcare professionals through locally owned franchise locations across the United States. We have over 60 franchised pharmacies across two dozen states.