February 13, 2018

Michelle Hudson and Marie Raby Earn IgNS’ Rigorous IgCN® Nursing Credential

Greenville, North Carolina – Therapeutic Solutions Vital Care is pleased to announce that Michelle Hudson and Marie Raby will join the prestigious ranks of Ig Certified Nurses (IgCN®). IgCNs have demonstrated and documented expertise and competence required for Ig therapy, one of the most complex infusion therapies available.

Earning the prestigious IgCN® credential demonstrates a strong commitment to clinical excellence and the Ig Therapy Standards of Practice, and to improving patient outcomes. This achievement represents the highest dedication to Ig nursing, and merits recognition of the specialized knowledge, expertise, and skills. The IgCN® examination tests the extensive knowledge and expertise of registered nurses in five core areas of Ig therapy practice: the immune system; Ig therapy and clinical uses; patient assessment and education; administration; advocacy; and care coordination and collaboration.

Becoming an IgCN® provides the recognition of the specialized knowledge, skills, and expertise of an Ig Nurse. The IgCN® credential empowers nurses to be confident clinical decision-makers. Further, the IgCN® credential protects and informs the public of nurses’ competence, validation of experience, knowledge and skills.

About IgCN® - The Immunoglobulin National Society (IgNS) developed a credentialing program to improve patient care, advance the practice of Ig nursing, and ensure standardization of practice across treatment settings and clinical disciplines. IgCN® credentialing is the only nationally recognized certification for Ig nurses. It meets national standards that are reliable and legally defensible measures of Ig nurses’ knowledge and skills. It assures employers, nurses, and, most importantly, patients that the Ig Certified Nurse meets the highest quality standards. The IgCN® credential is also the only certification that evaluates the knowledge and clinical excellence of nurses working in the specialty of Ig nursing on an ongoing basis.

For more information on Vital Care’s partnership with IgNS and the IgCN credentialing process, please contact Chris Newlin, PharmD, MBA at cnewlin@vitalcareinc.com.