Our Commitment to Quality Referral Response

What does "quality" mean to you as a case manager or discharge planner?

  • It means having a network of rural and community based infusion providers in your client's own "backyard".
  • It means your client's medications and equipment will be delivered by a staff member, and not "long distance shipped".
  • It means your client will reach a local pharmacist who was personally responsible for the compounding of medications 24 hours a day.
  • It means fast and reliable insurance coverage verification by highly trained patient account representatives.
  • It means your client's home infusion claims will be processed by an internal billing department with among the highest success in billing metrics across the country.
  • It means, with advance coordination, the pharmacy's staff can provide in person teaching prior to hospital discharge.

Community centered patient care, backed by efficient referral processing and revenue cycle management. That's what "quality" means to us.