Our Commitment to Quality Business Support

What does "quality" mean to you as a pharmacist or business owner?

  • It means having dedicated experts in the field of infusion pharmacy and nursing you can consult with just one phone call or email.
  • It means having state of the art web based policies and procedures available at the touch of a computer key.
  • It means having quality assurance certified professionals implementing advanced web based quality control systems to promote compliance, document procedures, and protect your business.
  • It means having an internal regional benchmarking database for infusion clinical metrics and patient satisfaction data.
  • It means having a competency and knowledge validation platform to help you train your staff, document their competency, and protect both your patients and your business.
  • It means having a web platform dedicated to accreditation coaching, implementation, and continual accreditation preparedness.

Advanced technologies designed for management of your infusion pharmacy.

That's what "quality"means to us.