Nutritional Support Team *

What your Vital Care Pharmacy Nutritional Support team does for patients:

  • Provides a clinician who will review your therapy information, perform nutritional consultations to assist in providing recommendations for the patient’s therapy.
  • Routinely consult on the patient’s TPN or enteral nutrition needs based on patient acuity and as reflected in the care plan.
  • Shares the results of the patient’s consultations and therapy recommendations with other members of the multidisciplinary health care team, in order to provide timely and appropriate care to the patient.

Meet your Vital Care Pharmacy Nutritional Support Team:

  • A registered dietitian will provide an evaluation of patients on nutritional therapies and also will assist with the coordination of any nutrition support programs.
  • The Director of Clinical Services for Vital Care, Inc. will assists in the clinical evaluation of patients that utilize Vital Care’s Nutritional Support Team.

* Franchise must be enrolled in PEN Program to be eligible.