A Closer Look

What will startup require?

  • Licensed pharmacy and a licensed pharmacist on staff
  • An industry-compliant cleanroom and/or barrier isolater
  • Laminar air flow hood
  • Initial inventory
  • Accreditation application
  • Training at Vital Care's corporate office
  • Other incidental costs such as liability and fire insurance
  • Commitment to a marketing effort

What is the cost?

Starting any business can be a complex process, consuming hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars before you are able to collect for your first service. Starting a home infusion therapy business multiplies all of these parameters because of the complexity of the industry and the pressures of assuming the care of someone in his/her home. Because of these issues, we are convinced that the fastest, safest entry into this business is to become a Vital Care franchise. The basic cost of franchising with Vital Care is the initial cost of the franchise territory (franchise fee), and the ongoing royalty payments based upon collected revenue. Contact us for current Vital Care fees.