Clinical Resources

Vital Care home infusion pharmacies provide specialized clinical care and support needed for patients requiring parenteral and enteral nutrition.

For every patient’s therapy, Vital Care pharmacy personnel visit with patients, care givers, and home health agency nurses to ensure everyone understands the therapy, expectations, and all necessary supplies and equipment.

For each patient, a pharmacist led care team develops specific pharmacy assessments and clinical care plans to guide patient care.

Patient care plans include goals for therapy specified by prescribers, and progress toward these goals are tracked by the pharmacy team. Some of the goals typically tracked for patients requiring parenteral and enteral nutrition include change in weight, change in albumin or prealbumin, tube complications or infections, and catheter site infections, among others.

Every Vital Care pharmacy has access to a nutritional support team comprised of pharmacists and a clinical dietician. This nutritional support team helps ensure a smooth and seamless transition from hospital to home, and ensures ongoing patient support.


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Parenteral Nutrition

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